Oh, hello there!



What’s this, then? Another personal blog on the Internet?

In short, yes. I’ve had various forms of a blog over the (many) years, starting when websites were oh-so-tediously hand-crafted back in the 90s and then transitioning into a couple incarnations of a technical work-related blog a few times during my career. Those all ceased at some point when maintenance became too cumbersome or when career priorities changed.

But I’ve been wanting to start a new blog now that hosting and content platforms make it so easy to do this sort of thing. I’ve had the strong desire to document our family’s travels and the various odd or poignant moment in our lives, so here we go with another incarnation. As my goal is to share my random life-oriented thoughts, I’ve decided to call it David’s Diary.

So, read on if you’re interested. I’ll be sharing photos, accounts of the glorious moments that dot the stream our lives, and sometimes the craziness that is raising two kids with a loving wife. I hope you’ll stick around.

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